[Battle Duocast] - Shooting Stars

Posted Aug 27, 2023, 2:42:25 AM UTC

7. Your character’s weapon breaks! They must construct a makeshift weapon from what they have around them– crystals! Draw or write about your character and the crystal weapon they build themselves in the heat of the battle.


When Kamau found himself with an empty quiver and a broken bow, he fortunately happened upon a little half-drakon adventurer with an affinity for minerals. Crystal manipulation? This was Paiko's elemental advantage. (And technically the wyrm's home turf - but fighting crystal with crystal was better than wooden arrows against crystal, right?)

Paiko has made it a recent habit to carry minerals on-hand, in the event he would need to construct something and didn't have immediate access to the earth. Luckily, arrows were easy to make on the go, so Kamau had himself a virtually endless supply of projectiles. Time to show that shiny snake who's boss here!

But next time, Paiko's going to figure out a better way to hitch a ride. How does one ride an archer centaur without getting in the way...?


Thank you Minimaid for letting Paiko duocast with Kamau! I knew I had to do this concept once I noticed that their combined elements made Celestial, and Kamau is an archer - absolutely perfect for Sagittarius references :D

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  • Aug 27, 2023, 8:04:56 PM UTC
    Eee!!! This is awesome! Thank you for using my boy!
    • Sep 5, 2023, 3:37:07 AM UTC
      Thanks Mini! <3 It was super fun drawing him (he's so cool and Paiko thinks so too - probably why he's sticking around Kamau for protection and epicness vibes)

      And! I got good practice with equine characters this battle ^v^



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