[Battle Duocast] - Fresh and Frigid

Posted Aug 25, 2023, 8:33:54 PM UTC

8. The crystal dust that blankets Lyra gives the planet a year-round winter look, even at the height of summer! Draw or write your characters doing summer activities in the winter-like setting of Lyra. Are they on a snowy beach? Are they picnicking beneath a frosted pine tree?


Scap does not care if it's cold or frosty or even looks wintry year-round in Lyra. Smoothies are valid in every season. Sigrid makes amazing smoothies and was nice enough to share with him (or did she know about that other time with the drinks mix-up, hmm...).

Nothing shouts "Summer" like enjoying a refreshing drink! On the top of a crystally mountain. With a crystally rock snake rampaging in the back. 

- s l u r p -


Thank you to CrazyShir0 for her lovely centauress, Sigrid!

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