Tome of Ffamran: Biweekly - Imposing Palace

Published Feb 22, 2024, 1:24:39 PM UTC | Last updated Feb 22, 2024, 1:24:39 PM | Total Chapters 2

Story Summary

CHARACTER: Ffamran "the King" Askarin Malfur
GENERAL CONTENT & WARNINGS: Medieval Fantasy, Angst, Adventure, Blood, Violence, Combat, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Stories about an individual who believes himself to be king and who is on the search of followers to fulfill his obscure desires and dreams.

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Chapter 1: Biweekly - Imposing Palace

#106 Draw or write about the magical guild hall room that is occupied by your character. Is it a pocket dimension?

(Indirect mention of erotic tools and torture)

Entering the portal of „the King“ Ffamran Askarin Malfur immediately takes your breath away. It is a huge hallway where almost everything is covered in gold. Pillars adorned with small water fountains are holding up the ceiling, the calming sound of splashing water echoes through the halls.

It feels almost like a castle and it is so big that you don’t know where to start. There are multiple doors and you try to open one after another but most of them are locked for some reason. The first one you manage to push open though seems to be a fully furnished room.

Your curious steps lead you inside, the floor is made of dark marble and red carpets complement the color, making it look very luxurious. After following the carpets for a little bit, you end up in an area which looks like a living room. There is a big couch as well as a fainting couch. Both are having satin blankets laying on them as well as very soft looking pillows, only the best for a king, am I right?

In front of both couches is a long table with glasses and a bottle of alcohol ready. You need to muster up some strength from holding your laughter in when you spot a golden bowl with grapes because it’s so typical to see in a spot like this.

There’s also a shelf filled with all sorts of different bottles. They have different colors of glass as well as liquid and there are many which you haven’t seen before. One that looks like a swirling galaxy, one with weird particles in it which almost seem to scream at you… It’s unsettling so you decide that it’s best to put distance in between, especially when you could swear that you’re hearing faint whispers.

When you backtrack, you stumble against the bed. At first glance it looks very comfortable for being as big as it is but you quickly spot all the different things sprawled on it. You don’t want to go into detail there but you are well aware that some of them are used for spicing up sexual intercourse and some are used for… making others suffer. Well it’s not unsurprising for a king to want to bring others down their knees so who can blame him. You surely want to do so at the moment.

A whiff of something tasty hits your nose and of course, as curious as you are, you’re having trouble staying where you are so your steps lead you into the kitchen. It looks just as luxurious as the rest of the area, golden knobs at every drawer and door, but everything in here looks like it’s barely used. If the King can cook? Probably not but there is food on the table and it smells really good. Whoever prepared this can definitely cook for him instead!

Suddenly an arm is wrapped around your throat and you feel sharp steel prodding the skin, holding you in place.

Who do we have here~ Since when are people allowed in my realm without an audience?

You feel Ffamran’s breath hit your neck and it makes you shiver. His aura is strong and fear inducing.

I do commend your guts though, simply barging in and prowling around… Care to explain yourself? I give you… hm… 20 seconds to do so.






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