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Ffamran Askarin Malfur #pd2452

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Date addedAug 24, 2023, 10:47:08 AM
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Character Full Name: Ffamran Askarin "the King" Malfur
Name pronunciation: Fahm-rahn  As-ka-rin Mal-fur
Character Age: ?
Character Species: Horned humanoid Lion (Kemonomimi)
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green, orangered
Skin color: Tanned
Height: 184 cm
MBTI: ESTP-A (Entrepreneur)
Attitude: Cocky, entitled, confident, ruthless, impatient, easily bored
Weapon: Greatsword, claws
Abilities: Dark magic
Class: Magic Swordsman
Full body referenceREFERENCE LINK
Alternative Outfit: Casual Wear
Spotify Playlist: Spotify Playlist Link
BATTLE THEME: Bowser's Rage/King of the Koopas - GaMetal Remix

Behavior around people: 
He always demands respect and to be addressed as "the King". If you do so, he might strike up a conversation with you. If you don't, he'll most likely attempt to kill you so choose wisely!

Dialogue examples:
- "How dare you look down on me! Show me some respect before I crush you!"
- "Is that all you have to offer? What a disappointment, I shouldn't have wasted my time with the likes of you. Time to end this."
- "Mhm your blood smells very nice, I wonder what it tastes like... Let me try and I might let you live."
- "Ah~ Finally someone who recognizes my magnificence. Get on your knees and kiss my hand, afterwards tell me your most interesting story."

Background story (universal):

Originally born by a different name, Ffamran was an orphan that got experimented on by underground magicians. Through surgery they made an attempt to attach ancient horns onto his skull that are rumored to belong to an old king. It was their attempt to reawaken their old King and rule over the lands together. This, as soon as his rumored powers would restore. 

After months of preparation for their many rituals, they successfully managed to attach the horns, however, it came at a cost. The host fell unconscious and suffered severely from the blood loss. They couldn't spot a pulse for a while and declared the boy for dead. Since the materials of the ritual are rare, they had no other choice than to give up on their many attempts and took out the body to place it on the compost as they made their getaway.

Unlike they had suspected however, this young boy was still alive, and he woke up in a pile of decay. Shocked as he was, he ran himself to safety only to collapse later on. There were voices playing in his mind, and his mind grew gradually more numb. His posture had changed, his attitude changed, and before he knew it, he is known by a new identity. Unable to maintain who he was, the boy used his newfound charismatic charm to invite a new life. He is known as no other than "the King". Only the closest are allowed to learn of his "true" name and dare to speak it and survive. By this time, he was fully consumed by the cursed horns with no turning back.

After many years, he went out traveling and got to know a man by the name Virmenor. The two got caught up in a conversation, and it appeared like they had a common goal. Earn money and live a wealthy life. Surviving happens to be much easier with another by the side. They have been traveling ever since, and chasing after all that thrills them. Regardless of the dangers.

  • 80
    Ability Points
  • 1
  • Charismatic Talisman Ability

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