Kassin Fight for Gabi Heart: Kassin Gift

Chapter 1: Kassin Gift

Prompts: 1: You have received a notice about one of the gifts you ordered for someone dear to you. It instructs you to pick it up in person, and gives you a specific time-- the very same day! You rush to the address to find your package waiting for you, but there's something a little strange. Draw or write about your character picking up their package from a suspicious caretaker. Are they a squirrely Paperdemon with a few too many wings and horns to be JUST a Paperdemon? Are they a shadowy figure with no discernable features? Are they a normal cat?


Kassin has decided with his only connection in this world close to his heart, He wish to express his love to Gabi since in most case he cannot return that feeling back in the sexual manner. What to give an adult profession plant man though? Well, he thinks he found something, and he waited for the delivery. 


But then a call came, telling Kassin need to pick it up at the store...Weird. But this seems to be the season. On his trip out, he run into Fo, and strange man but seem the more levelheaded he listen too from the background...though Kassin do not pay the rumor mill much mind. 


Greeting Fo, Fo smile back his greeting, remarking the season chill and with some light chatting, Fo decided to travel with Kassin to his designation before he takes a stop at the café. Kassin think about café nearby, it has a gym that had a lot of athletic folk training...Not really great to stare at while drinking brew but maybe they had good magazine there. 

They soon arrive at the shop and boy something seems off this time around. Strange. Kassin eyes see there is strange ghost and mystical energy moving about, seem this is not something that lost on Fo either. The darkness of the shop seems to watch them as soon as they enter and see the box set out for them. 
Fo makes note that this seems like a sort of a trap. Kassin smile and walk to the counter and ring the bell but no reply. Fo was watching when something moved and then pause and notice the box float toward Kassin and the counter. He take the box and look at Kassin and smile as he offer it to the box as Kassin look back and nodded as he take it...look like nothing much to do, not one is here...he check the package and it for Kassin to give to Gabi...Kassin thanks for Fo and the two left, Fo to the Café and Kassin heading home, hopefully... 

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