Flash Battle - Vogue Vampire: 1: 242 words

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Everything will probably be an unformatted mess before the battle ends, don't mind the chaos.

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Chapter 1: 1: 242 words

Prompt 1: Confused screaming



This didn't make any sense. What do you mean this guy is back?


Caspian had already dealt with him. Been petty and forgotten him. Swept him under a rug and let Steve burn the whole things.


Oh how much he wished it would've stayed that way.


He didn't want to see the pale corpse. He didn't want to hear his voice, see his elegantly disgusting demeanor, or have a single word with him.


Even the thought of once having been touched by him made frigid chills run up and down the eternal's spine.


None of it. Made sense. So what that undead couldn't be killed. The vampire wasn't supposed to be back.


He just couldn't.


The serrated claws of anxiety tore at the inside of Caspian's stomach. It glowed hot like molten silver, eager to burn him from the inside. This was wrong. Don't let it be true. Don't-


No amount of wishing changed the fact, that the bastard was, indeed, somehow, back. His stride in the shadows was smooth and smug. Knew that he wasn't welcome. Enjoyed it. Every breath of it.


Caspian followed the bipedal carcass with his eyes, sharp as ever. He wanted to lunge at the husk of a man, and tear him to pieces for what he had done To him, and the others - but mostly him. He had his rules.


And this thing had broken them. It would've only been fair to break him in turn.

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