Character Event: Elemental Festival - Cooking

Chapter 10: Elemental Festival - Cooking

With all his ingredients collected, William set about cooking a lot of burritos for the hungry adventurers. He began by carefully dicing all the tomatoes he had grown. Afterward, the folf combined the tomatoes in a metal pot with spices and seasoning. William put his talisman dagger in the pot before he put the lid on it. The folf whistled a few notes from the Winter Song, which caused the dagger to spin rapidly and blend all the ingredients. Now that he had made the salsa, William retrieved his seax blade from the pot and wiped it down before he continued.


Next up, William diced up the onions and bell peppers into tiny little chunks. The folf threw those vegetables in a pan with the harvested meat. While that pan heated up on the magical cooking range, the Arctic folf threw his rice and beans in a pot of boiling water to cook with some seasoning. Carefully William stirred the rice as he browned the meat with the peppers and onions. Once the meat had browned, the folf threw the salsa, some seasoning, and some water into the pan. He left it to simmer for a few minutes. The rice and beans had cooked off all the water and removed the heat. Once the meat mixture was done cooking, William mixed it in with the rice and beans. He stirred the mix until William thoroughly combined the food into one.


Tortillas were laid out all over the kitchen, ready to be filled. Hundreds of tortillas were filled one scoop at a time until William was out of his meat mixture to fill them with. The would-be chef carefully rolled each tortilla into a burrito shape. The folf chef wasn’t the best at rolling the burritos, and some looked better than others, but he got it done. William lined cooking pans with burritos to finish the cooking process. Before the folf placed the pans in the magical stoves, William sprinkled cheese over the tops of each burrito as a little bit of a finishing touch. Each pan is carefully set into one of the numerous stoves around the kitchen. After half an hour, William took the pans out and served them to the hungry adventurers. The burritos were a bit hit for their explosive flavors and just the right amount of spice kick. Of course, William remembered to save one for the mysterious old lady in the shack lest he risked her wrath.

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