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  • Cover for Just Crazy About Fighting!

    Just Crazy About Fighting!

    "Lost my title, got kicked out what else can go wrong!?" this is a story about a dark elf who turns into a renowned Hunter who can fight just about anything!

    Last updated Feb 13, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Key of Holly, Lock of Hawthorn

    Key of Holly, Lock of Hawthorn

    Charlotte receives her talisman. 

    Last updated Jan 14, 2024
    Total Chapters 3
  • Cover for Mushroom waltz

    Mushroom waltz

    Suika and Yuugi have a debt to pay in Faedin for a mysterious doctor.

    CW: Swearing, explicit mentions of psychoactive drugs (mushrooms) and drug use


    Prompt #4 - Doctor(?) Xan

    Doctor Xan is a willowy half-elf half-.... Something. When you look at her in the corner of your eye, she doesn’t ever look quite the same as when you look at her straight on. Pictures of her never seem to turn out. Doctor Xan has, as far as anyone knows, no evidence of any official doctorate. That doesn’t stop her– nor does it stop her customers. She’s known for magicking up custom brews that work wonders– or wreak havoc. She claims it’s merely science and the mushrooms of Faedin and there’s no magic involved, but you’ve heard the stories. Having been far too busy on some project she refuses to speak of, she has asked your character to help her fulfill orders. Show your character going on Dr. Xan’s mission. Your piece must include your character interacting with Dr. Xan, hunting down mushrooms, or constructing a concoction.


    [ Titlecard render was simply created for fun / as an eyecatch and is not to be graded. Models were created by me using permission-allowed parts, backdrop is a creative commons model by Corey Keeling on Sketchfab. ]

    Last updated Jan 5, 2024
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Flash and fight Luca list bell

    Flash and fight Luca list bell

    Flash battle gathers close the story of lusts struggle starts here . let's see how long she lasts with help of the few she's met so far .

    Last updated Oct 7, 2023
    Total Chapters 7
  • Cover for Aiding the Injured

    Aiding the Injured

    The initial attack had left several creatures injured in Ponyville. Witching Hour and Harvest Moon are doing their best to help these creatures amid the raid. Harvest Moon poofs in with a rather stubborn patient.

    Last updated Mar 29, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Old memories, new opportunities

    Old memories, new opportunities

    Swan Song is a singer that was asked to perform at a small charity event that her friend/crush Chatter Cherry organized.

    Everything seems to go fine until the news of an old friend joining the Knights of Equestria reaches her and old hurtful memories Swan Song thought she buried resurface to haunt her.

    Last updated Nov 10, 2022
    Total Chapters 4
  • Cover for A Childhood meeting

    A Childhood meeting

    When Swan Song was a foal she was just looking for a quiet place to practice her singing.

    She believed to have found just that when she noticed a hole in the fence behind her parents house that lead to a peaceful forest clearing.

    However, Swan Song didn't know that her singing would lure someone else towards it as well.

    Last updated Sep 24, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Cover for Spin The Bottle

    Spin The Bottle

    Jade regrets agreeing to play a harmless party game when she's faced with rejection from someone she loves. Little does she know, Neo's "rejection" was the complete opposite.

    Last updated Aug 31, 2022
    Total Chapters 1