Just Crazy About Fighting!: Esp 1 The Past

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"Lost my title, got kicked out what else can go wrong!?" this is a story about a dark elf who turns into a renowned Hunter who can fight just about anything!

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Chapter 1: Esp 1 The Past

Koraia Rosebell was a low-ranked noble she was looked down upon. one day when she was doing her usual routine she saw a letter on her desk the butler walked over to her and said "My lady this is an invitation to a royal tea party." she was shocked after all she was of a low-ranked family unless she was a personal friend of one of the royales she could never be invited! and so she went to her father & mother and showed them the letter they were shocked as well but her mother quickly said "Oh you must go this could be the chance of a lifetime!" her father said, "She has to know how to act first what if she makes a fool out of us!?" she quickly replied, "Father how must I act? is it any different than talking to high-ranked nobles?" He said quite sternly "Of course it is different! They rule the kingdom! Nobles only help them! It is the difference between a butler and their lord!" she understood, while she got ready for the party her father helped her learn how to act in front of royalty and her mother helped her get dressed like a proper noble. When she got there she saw a big round glass table with beautiful teacups masterful crafted, sitting on the chairs around the table were stunning high-ranked ladies, The princess greeted her with a smile and a "Hello lady Rosebell" She bowed and said "Hello your majesty princess Celina von Blackstone" The princess looked quite pleased since she didn't expect a low-ranking noble to have such good manners. Princess Celina "Please take a seat" But when Koraia sat down she felt the stares of the high-ranked noble ladies one of them spoke up in a sickeningly sweet tone "Your Majesty why is such a low-ranking noble here?" Koraia felt slightly offended and annoyed but she ignored these feelings and kept up a smile. The princess replied "I saw her at the latest bakery opening and I thought she was absolutely stunning! So I just had to invite her" The princess was known for only inviting whom she thought were pretty and/or skilled ladies so no one was surprised when she said this except Koraia because she knew close to nothing about the princess, so she naively said, "Your majesty invited me because of my looks?" "Yes, I did! your dress went perfectly with your hair and eyes, and the gems on your earrings were so shiny and colorful. You were the most elegant person there" To say Koraia was shocked was an understatement, The princess herself was calling Koraia elegant and well-dressed. The ladies at the table we quite shocked as well one of them even said "Elegant and well-dressed? She must have used all the family funds to look that good!" The rest of the noble ladies agreed but the princess said "You don't need to use all the family funds to impress me you only need to have a good fashion sense" They all quieted down. Koraia smiled at the princess and mouthed "Thank you" The princess smiled back. The crown prince barged in and yelled "Celina! Brother Martin said you invited a low-ranked noble to your tea party is this true!?" the princess looked quite annoyed by this and said " Michael I thought you learned how to not act like a spoiled brat ages ago" Michael "Just. Answer. The. Question." Celina "Yes I did so what? it's not like I invited her to a business meeting" Michael "But she's a low-born! [low-born is a serious insult] and you invited her to the castle!? To have a tea party with you THE PRINCESS?!" Celina "Stop yelling you lunatic and DON'T CALL MY GUEST A LOW-BORN!" The conversation was getting very heated very quickly Koraia didn't know what to do, she was scared, and the prince himself was almost yelling at the top of his lungs because of her. The once graceful princess was twisted in anger now, the butler walked in and skillfully made the conversation calm again, and the prince sat down and had some tea and finally looked at the so-called 'low-born' and was quite surprised by how good she looked, She had perfect manners too and to top it all off she was respectful to him despite what he just did. And so they talked and talked until it was sundown by the end of the party Celina and Michael agreed to talk casually with Koraia and they went home, Koraia "Haa finally it's over that was a party I'll never forget haha!" But just as she was walking out of the castle Michael ran up to her and yelled, "Wait! let me escort you Koraia!" Slightly taken aback Koraia turned around and saw Michael and said, "Why would you do that? There is no need to Michael" Michael " Just let me do it ok? I need to talk to you about something" Koraia "ok?" After they got down the stairs, Michael looked around to make sure no one was listening and said, "I want to invite you as my plus one to my hunting competition" Koraia "Wait what? plus one?? Michael, you know my status right?? Why would you want a mere low-ranking noble with no outstanding reputation to be your plus one??" Michael "Because you are the most beautiful person with the most perfect manners I have ever seen!" Koraia "Really?" Michael "Really." They had gotten to the carriage and said goodbye to each other. Koraia went to her parents and told them what had happened except for the part where the siblings had fought each other, Mother "Good job sweetie! You did better than I had ever imagined!" Father "Absolutely wonderful! Tell me when is the day of the Crown Prince's Hunting Competition?" Koraia "In two weeks" Father "Two weeks!? Butler told the seamstress to make a custom dress for Koraia right now! Make it beautiful!" Mother "I'II help!" And so the two weeks flew by. It was the day of the competition Koraia looked stunning and Michael ran up to her with great joy and said " Koraia you look beautiful as always!" Koraia "Thank you, Michael you look wonderful as well, how are the preparations coming along?" He said boastfully  "Great as always after all I'm the one hosting it!" Koraia chuckled a little upon hearing it "I'm glad oh and here is a little gift to wish you good luck" She handed him a handkerchief with beautiful plants sown on it Michael took it without any hesitation and went off to the starting grounds. After a while he came back a winner everyone expected this because Michael doesn't allow anyone else to win, He lures all the prey and just kills them all. Michael went to Koraia and when he was in front of her, He got down on one knee and PROPOSED?! Koraia as well as everyone else was rightfully shocked. Koraia "Micheal! What are you doing!?" Michael "I'm proposing to you my dear" Koraia was slightly angry because she couldn't let what happened at the tea party go and said, " Why??" Michael "I fell for you at first sight! My love" Koraia was furious! Love at first sight!? You have got to be kidding me! you barged in called me a low-born and refused to treat me with respect! I only treated you with respect because you're the CROWN PRINCE! Michael "So what is your answer, my love?" Koraia said sternly " No." Michael couldn't believe what he had heard so he said "What my dear? I didn't hear what you said can you say it again?" Koraia said it again this time looking slightly angry "No, Just no, Sorry Michael a low-born like me can't be with a crown prince like you" Michael looked surprised and said "Even a mere low-born like you can be a good wife! Don't worry my love!" To say Koraia was about to kill him was an understatement if it didn't mean the death penalty for her and her entire family, She would have taken the dagger she always carried with her for self-defense and plunged it into his heart. Koraia said this time looking absolutely furious "No. Is. No. I don't marry people I don't love Your Majesty" Michael looked in raged and went to his father and told him what had happened. The king then stripped the poor family of their title and the family kicked her out.

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