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  • Cover for Group Camping Trip

    Group Camping Trip

    Rewriting a character meme I did years ago into an actual story, switched up the characters a bit and changed a few scenarios. Neo is dragged along on a surprise camping trip with her friends, resulting in quite the weekend.

  • Cover for Athena and CloudChaser Tribs

    Athena and CloudChaser Tribs

    Tribute set for Athena and CloudChaser.

  • Cover for The Wraith's Lament: Retold

    The Wraith's Lament: Retold

    A retelling of The Wraith's Lament event for DracoStryx from the views of some select riders and their stryx belonging to me and my friends. Neo/Jade belong to 6ftDemon Haseo/Nyx/Ruin belong to Helianthe Raisa/Nutmeg belong to Tlyatara

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  • Dracostryx Community Event Interest Check!

    Jun 9, 2022, 10:56:43 PM | 4 Comments | 3 min read
    Just a general interest check for members of the stryx community, but I've been thinking on a community event idea of sorts, and would like some opinions and thoughts!   First off, the idea was
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