Hi, i´m just someone who likes to draw and write in their free time.

Sadly i often don`t have enough of it , therefore i may not be able to upload as often as i would like to and still definitely need time to improve at drawing.

I mostly do digital art of non-human charachters, since they are honestly more interesting than human characters to me.

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  • Cover for Kidnapping the bride

    Kidnapping the bride

    After her first portal experience was a total disaster, Wösma hopes to have better luck in Faedin, where she really just wants to explore the cathedral in peace ,hopefully without any awkward socialising. But when she witnesses a bride getting horribly mistreated by her soon to be husband, she basically has no other choice but to grab her and run. (Warning: Depiction of abuse and a bit of blood torwards the end) Also english is not my first language, so if there are a few mistakes: i´m sorry.#PDARPGFaedin#PD100 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prompt #1 - The Mushroom Cathedral Just outside the Olearius Spaceport stands a cathedral carved out of a tree that fell centuries ago. Instead of stained glass, carefully cultivated fungi decorate the walls and ceiling with exquisite depictions of the universe. The cathedral stands for no particular religion, but it is a popular place for marriages to be held. Draw or write your character visiting the Cathedral. Your piece must include your character in the inside or outside of a cathedral carved out of a fallen tree.

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