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Creedance Windrider #pd2466

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Character Full Name: Creedance "Creed" Windrider

Character Age: 87 (mid-forties in human years)

Character Species: Paper demon (Avangardian, variant: frigatebird)

Hair color: Iradescent Black-blue

Eye color: cobalt blue

Height: 6'3'' (191 cm) without antlers, 7'5.4'' (227 cm) with antlers



An eternal wallflower, even in front of sports newscasters. Well-mannered, but difficult to engage with. Non-committal. Difficult to gauge on any particular topic or opinion. Indecisive and distracted in social situations. Habitually uses 'we' and 'our' when referring to herself.

In contrast to herself, she may spontaneously try to be headstrong and willful.
This is quickly recanted.


Loves: Family, and it's ideals. Avangard's skies, both upper and lower: the enormous storms and the toxic clouds below: dangerous places, hidden places,  places that she could disappear in and never return.

Hates: The Windrider family buisness, and it's realities. Money. Drugs, alcohol, and those that use it. Those that use and fund the family buisness. Those that threaten the family buisness, and likewise her family's lives. Pirates. Merchants. Paparazzi. Detectives and Investigative Journalists. Those too nosy to know better.

Fears: Her family. Death by non-magical means (i.e. suffer eternal separation). Damnatio memoriae. Failing to find an identity outside her family. 


As a professional airship racer of Avangard, Creed has carried the name and burden of Windrider. Although not initially supported by her family, her career has since turned to a family operation. Creed, ever the responsible one, acknowledged their wishes and became who they needed her to be, for better or for worse.


That was her profession for 28 years, and it took its toll on her body. It took her leg, and left her scarred. She learned what happens when someone messes with the family buisness. 


So it was, when her brother Prudence went missing, Creed took it as a opportunity to get out of that life. Prudence was... probably fine, mixed up in the wrong crowd as he always was. It had the added bonus that, away from her family, Creed would become her own woman. She would come out of her shell and be someone completely different from the person she was: a quiet wallflower. 


Yet here she was, exploring the Paperverse, and still clinging to the corners of rooms. It makes one wonder if there was any shell at all. Maybe it was just who she was... much to her chagrin.



  • Wings: Creed's wings take the form of the albatross, their proportions similar to that of a Pelegornis. As is typical of seabirds, the tops of her wings are a darker shade than the lower, the digits of her wings painted a solid black. These wings are both her sails and rudders in the high-altitude races above Avangard, Using her massive 28-foot (8 meter) wingspan, Creed is unique advantaged in the races, using her wings as both secondary sails and rudders defying the limitations of mere machinery.

  • Hair: Creedance's hair is similar to the feathers of a frigatebird: black and glossy. Under UV light, her hair shines a mirage of blues and purples. She often carries it in a tight bun.

  • Antlers: Similar to a nyctosaurus, her antlers extend nearly two feet above her, at a slight backwards lean (or to be extremely specific, 42 cm/1.37 in at 117°). Around half way up the length, her antlers branch in a hoizontal line to the ground. Often before a race, Creed will wrap her antlers in a carbon fiber wrap, for better aerodynamics.

  • Prosthetic Leg: Creed lost most of her right leg in a terrible 'airship accident' some years ago. The prosthetic she wears today has seen countless upgrades and improvements to better her racing career and overall maneuverability. The current iteration uses an intricate system of hydraulics and springs in her pylon mechanism, powered by an elemental pearl in a gilded cage at its front. The entire prsothetic is a sleek black. Her thigh socket is decorated with roses and golden leaf thorns.

Full Body Reference

Prosthetic Leg Reference

Face Claim: Tasha Tilberg

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