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Welcome to Mysterious Bloom!

Bloom is intended to be a sandbox-like ARPG, where the prompts, rolls, and choices you're given are seen as a chance to forge your own story, either by yourself or with friends! There's no right or wrong way to play, as long as you have fun!

While one may ultimately tell their story however they wish, Mysterious Bloom does have some optional setplay...
The world of pokemon is in the full swing of a raving industrial revolution! New technological and scientific innovations are everywhere, with more being discovered every day! Villages and townships of days past have become massive cities and centers full of pokemon looking to become something greater.
But... there's one last mystery nobody can seem to solve.
The 'border' is a mysterious, almost mythological entity. Beyond it, there's legends of an entire other world... but anyone who dares look to far into always seems to wind up missing.
What is the truth behind this mysterious border, and the legends of what lie past it?

Mysterious Bloom is a a fanwork and is in no way officially affiliated or associated with Game Freak, The Pokemon Company, or Nintendo.
It serves as a community space for fans, as well as an opportunity to find creative motivation. Mysterious Bloom does not make any financial profit off of the fan-created depictions of Pokemon.
Pokemon is (c) The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

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