Hiya hiya!!

My name is Error or Jester. I am a minor (15-17 range), gender enigmatic, and use void/voids and he/they pronouns.

My favorite character, Error, is my fursona and a personal species that is being actively worked on! They are called botts and have subspecies depending on what they're based on - vixibotts, canibotts, felibotts, etc. Please refrain from basing characters off of Error's species - although inspiration is great! Obviously, I don't own any of the concepts and I'm no species policer, but please do not claim that your character is a bott as this species is for myself and my friends.

Most active with Mysterious Bloom, a bit active with others.

You can find me on ArtFight and ToyHouse under the same username!


Commissions: Case by case (ARPG currency only)

Trades: Open!

Collaborations: Case by case

Requests: Case by case, interested!

Roleplay: Open!

Gifts for Me: All very, very welcome!!

Characters for Sale/Trade: Likely never

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