Hello, I'm Owl! I'm 20 and use any pronouns! I am a self-taught Canadian artist. I am new to all kinds of art, and only recently sought to improve! Nowadays, I do art for fun and to show off all my beloved characters!! Feel free to look around!


PS: For every Case by Case below, I will most likely say yes if asked! I just don't like being pressured into saying yes, so ykyk.


Commissions: Closed until I get a sheet!!

Trades: Case by Case! Feel free to ask me though, I will likely say yes.

Collaborations: Case by Case

Requests: Case by Case

Roleplay: Case by Case (Only feel comfortable with 18+ people asking! No NSFW, I just prefer people around my age!)

Gifts for Me: Absolutely, if you feel inclined! I will appreciate gifts greatly!!

Characters for Sale/Trade: Closed

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