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Weekly Prompt

#100 Draw your character as part of a romance novel cover. What would the novel be called? What is the era? Would it be swoony, or adventurous? If you are a writer, write the synopsis with your character as the protagonist.
Rafael was just trying to do a simple photoshoot. If the client wanted a romance novel cover, he'd give them a romance novel cover. Rafael Valentine was a romantic, afterall! And Sully- he could work the camera! All they needed was a girl-
Well. He knew a girl, didn't he?
Grin. His Grin.
The memories that they shared, the emotion still tied to those living dreams- living nightmares, at times... If only Grin saw it the same way. Somehow against all reason, Grin seemed to hold no ties to that life, impossibly so... Rafael wished desperately it were the same for him. To forget.
Yet the memories were too real, as was the residual pain, whenever he was near her. 
So Rafael had a plan; to re-create some of those memories, those intimate and important moments. The moment they met, with a spastic Tricar taking over the Internal Affairs office. The times they conversed at the hydroponics lab over strange candies. Their lunches together, the train, Ranasash. The morning of the caffeinated crepes, Their shopping spree together. The moment she felt close enough to be vulnerable with him, enough to fall apart in his arms as he comforted her.

It was a noble goal ...if only he could get Grin to take this seriously...
What the camera wouldn't see, immediately proceeding, would be Grin slightly tilting her head, and licking Rafi right on the nose. "Woof!" 

Every waking moment was full of teasing and banter, from Grin as well as his brother. Gah, he's never felt so flustered before, At least the client seemed to like it.

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  • Jan 11, 2024, 8:58:09 AM UTC
    Loveee love this styling. This is so cute!! I would read this 100%



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