About me: Hello, this corner of the internet! I'm Shallows/Shally, I'm here for a fun time. I'm dragging every friend I have into Paper Demon if I can help it. If you want to talk with me about anything my dms are open, but especially on Discord! I'm a little slow recently, but I promise you if it takes me a while to get back to you, it does not mean I'm not interested. Keep slaying :3

Likes: The color blue, the natural world, ocean/water content, swimming, etc etc... You get the idea. Fish shenanigans. 

[Open, working on getting a carrd put out.]

Trades: [Open]

Collaborations: [Open]

Requests: [Kind of open? I've gotta know you basically.]

Roleplay: [Open - Semi lit and literate preferred]

Gifts for Me: [Art and literature great! Please do not draw or write my characters out of character if you can help it.]

Characters for Sale/Trade: [None for sale. BUT, I happily would design you one, or do a design trade :3.]


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