Bottled Up

Posted Sep 4, 2023, 4:28:48 AM UTC

#79 - Paperverse Item

Draw or write about your character with a Paperverse item. Are they bragging about an achievement? Spending time with a familiar? Perplexed by a scrap item?


"Why are you keeping me around? Am I just another shiny in your collection?"

"N-no...! Not like that... it's not like that..."

"Then why haven't you let me go?"

"I will. I will let you go one day. It's just...

"...You remind me of a good friend."


Item depicted: (okay, there's a lot in the background, but the focus one) Sad Fairy in a Bottle

This one became more mellow-sweet than I expected. I haven't been representing Paiko's homesickness as much lately, with all the whirlwind adventuring and meeting new people. His best friends are still at the lab, and he hasn't seen them in nearly a year. 

And the little fairy looks so much like Meki... can one blame the lonely drakon for keeping her around as a reminder of friends back home? As a listener whenever he needs to share the bottled-up emotions that he keeps carefully in check during the day?

He promises to let her go... maybe once he sees Meki again. Whenever that will be. Until then, maybe he'll move the fairy to her own space inside the Fortress of Fluff - that would be the nice thing to do, right? Instead of just leaving her in the glass bottle and feeding her bits of freeze-dried ice cream.

(He might do that with the urchin, though. He doesn't know why he kept it, but it's his responsibility now...)

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  • Sep 13, 2023, 8:33:30 PM UTC
    the background in this is so impressive im shook
    • Sep 14, 2023, 1:42:02 AM UTC
      Aa thank you, it definitely was somewhat of an undertaking haha-- glad to have those references in the inventory ^-^
  • Sep 6, 2023, 4:27:01 AM UTC
    Ooo we get to see a little of the famous shiny stash :0 My heart just feels for poor Paiko being homesick I hope hes able to go home soon to see his friends. Also love how you drew the fairy added so much detail to the small thing (the sad fairy in the bottle is one of my favourite items, cant explain why just do. So was fun seeing you choose that Giggle Hug )
    • Sep 14, 2023, 1:35:32 AM UTC
      It totally needs more shinys, there are not enough to reflect the hoard he has amassed from his travels ;P (But like. To spare my hands. That is only the corner of the room with Paperverse stuff.)

      Aww <3 I was weaving a bit of lore into it so she looks a bit like Meki hehe-- and Scap just got one of those fairies, but I think he's going to set it free





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