Eventide Ring Campaign - Chapter 1

Posted Sep 26, 2021, 10:40:39 PM UTC

Prompt #3 - Make Your Own Prompt

Do you want to draw a different part of the story? Draw or write your character during their first chapter campaign adventure. Your piece must include your character and an identifiable story element. Write in the description which part of the story you’re addressing. If you’re not certain if your piece is clearly connected to the story, feel free to ask for assistance in our discord.


Without thinking about it, you reach for the cog, stepping towards the well-dressed thief. Your fingertips brush the trinket and the shiver ripples into a full shudder. Your hand shakes as your elemental magic surges. A sharp gust of biting wind snaps by you.


I went with a make my own prompt option as the part of the story with the cog forcefully activating my characters magic really stood out to me :) Also in case it isn't obvious, the other character is Qilen, shielding himself from the sudden burst of magic.

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