Posted Aug 3, 2023, 7:54:52 PM UTC

His name is Eddie, and he's the father of my other goblin, Vincent. He's a good goblin who's done a lot of bad things, but now that his son has taken on the family business, the old guy can relax and retire.

When Vincent was in his first relationship, it was Eddie telling him to leave that woman. Having been betrayed by his own wife, he told his son he knew she’d stab him in the back one day. But Vincent never listened, and Eddie’s worst nightmare came to pass. However, seeing Vincent in the hospital, fighting for his life, Eddie didn’t have the heart to tell him “I told you so”. And he never said those words to Vincent. Eddie focused on supporting his son through his recovery and simply being thankful his son was still alive.

Nowadays, Eddie is happy to see his son has found love once again, and with a goblin that seems to be the perfect fit for the hole left in Vincent’s heart. So now he gets to bug his son all the time, asking Vincent when he plans to propose to Johnny.

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