Posted Aug 3, 2023, 7:38:17 PM UTC

Branch is a cisgendered, heterosexual gryphon-goblin. The gryphon sub-group is part of the overarching harpy-goblin race. Branch is also able to shapeshift into a full gryphon. Though his mastery over the ability allows him to transform just parts of himself too for example.

Branch is a sweetheart of a goblin, and is the first son of the leader of his clan. He married early in his 20's to the daughter of another harpy clan. The pair weren't interested in the marriage, but both knew it'd make their parents happy. So they agreed to it. However, the pair also had the agreement that their relationship would be open so they could explore other options. Unfortunately this ultimately ended in tragedy. Branch's wife got mixed up with a pair of humans who turned out to be harpy poachers.

Branch tried to warn her, but in the end it was too late, with him ending up finding her dead with her wings hacked off. He made sure to get his revenge on the two that killed his wife, but the tragedy almost ruined him as he ended up shouldering all the blame for what happened. It look a long time for Branch to recover from the loss, including needing the time for his wings to heal after the stress plucking left his wings mostly bald. When physically healed, Branch traveled for awhile, eventually coming across a goblin who would change his life.

In a small town, Branch met Shanzi. A wild redhead of a goblin who managed to kick his ass in a friendly spar. But, that kick to the arse seemed to be what Branch needed, and he finally started learning what it meant to live again with Shanzi's help and playful nature.

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