Posted Aug 3, 2023, 7:45:43 PM UTC

Shanzi is a heterosexual cisgendered goblin with a positive/cheerful personality. She's a goblin that can instantly light up a room with her smile, and she's always looking out for her friends and family. It's hard to be sad when she's around!

Though, of course, Shanzi knows there are times when she can't cheer people up, but that doesn't mean she won't sit quietly with you when you're sad. Growing up, and after losing her mother, Shanzi gained a lot of empathy for others through supporting her grieving father. Her father is the one goblin she looks up to in life. He raised her from a young age and is the one who taught her how to fight. And she ended up to the local pit fighting champion of her town. She loses her title every now and then, but she always gets it back.

A newcomer to the towns fighting ring has caught her interest though; a gryphon-harpy, Branch, down on his luck. And Branch has no idea what surprises await him now that he's caught her interest.

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