Posted Aug 3, 2023, 7:43:32 PM UTC

Conall Kerr is a cisgendered homosexual goblin who's been pining after his best friend, David Shaw, for years and years. The two used to be dating until David broke things off between them as David wanted to settle down and have kids. And in David's mind, that meant finding a wife. While that did leave Conall broken hearted for awhile, he made the decision to instead bottle those feelings up and shelve them for the time being. He focused instead on simply being the best friend David could ask for, supporting him the best he could.

Years later David became a widower when his wife fell ill and passed away. Conall now struggles with the thoughts that this could be his chance to court David's heart once again. But he also feels that'd be a cruel thing to do given how David had become single again. So for now he's helping David and his two daughters cope with losing their wife/mother.

Though unknown to Conall, David is having similar thoughts towards him. Unfortunately, for now, the two goblin's skulls are too thick to realize that the feelings are mutual.

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