Mizuku Discovers his Latent Ability: Discovery

Published Sep 13, 2023, 4:05:40 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 13, 2023, 4:05:40 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Mizuku discovers the kind of powers him and his hydrangea staff have.

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Chapter 1: Discovery

Mizuku makes his way through the thick forest and thinks about his recent feat. Flying for the first time ever.

β€œI never thought I would ever be able to be airborne! This cape really works wonders.”


Mizuku remembers how the hydrangea staff says that it will appear when he wants it to. He thinks about it, and instantaneously it fabricates in his paws.

β€œI think it said it has the power to heal what is hurt..”


Mizuku bends over and stares at the lush forest greenery sprouting out of the ground.

Suddenly he hears a loud rustling from a bush behind him. He jumps up quickly and turns to it and sees a big boar!

He scrambles to collect himself before darting in the opposite direction of it.


β€œWhere did you even come from?!” Mizuku shouts as his paws bounce off the oncoming boulders.


The boar pursues him as the both make their way through the forest out into an open field.

Mizuku looks back to see that the boar has stopped dead in its tracks and is cowering towards the ground beneath it.

Mizuku quickly turns around and is met with a shadowy figure. It ascends into a human like form and lunges at him with a scythe.

The boar is too frozen in fear to move.

Mizuku calls out the hydrangea staff and quickly points it towards the enity.

Suddenly the earth beneath them begins to shake and a colossal vine sprouts out from the ground and envelopes the shady figure.

Mizuku stands still bewildered.

The entrapped entity wriggles as he tries to escape his hold from the vines.

A shadow looms over Mizuku and he suddenly smells a strong musk.

He is met with the boar. But this time it looks different. The boar looks at Mizuku as if he’s telling him to follow him.

Mizuku turns back at the figure to see it still struggling to get loose. Mizuku calls the hydrangea back and decides to follow it.


Cautiously Mizuku walks behind the boar as it leads him deeper into the forest. He notices that the chatter of the forest begins to wane. And the soil begins to feel dry and rocky.

Mizuku’s eyes are met with a glade of the forest. Except, the land is completely scorched. It smells of fire.

Immediately the pictures connect in Mizuku’s mind.

There must be a supernatural phenomenon happening that’s disrupting the peace of the forest animals.

Mizuku looks at the boar that has put his head down towards the ground.


β€œIt must feel defenseless over what did this to this glade. So it was trying to protect what it could. What it could feel it could take on at least. So it attacked me.”

Mizuku calls out the hydrangea staff and grips it heavenward.


A bright light shines from the hydrangea staff and envelopes the area.

Suddenly all the burnt areas bloom with life. Plants and shrubs, flowers, and bushes, even small saplings rise out of the ground.

Little particles of light sway, going upwards before they disappear into the air.

The boar makes a loud grunt and the glade slowly starts to fill with forest animals. They start to sniff out the new herbage and make sounds in delight.

Mizuku looks around happily smiling as tears run down his cheeks.


β€œSo this is what you meant.” Mizuku thinks to himself as he remembers what the staff had told him in the cave when he found his cape.


He wipes his tears away as he realizes what he has to do next.

Mizuku resolutely makes his way towards the way out of the glade but is stopped by the noise of the boar grunting gently.

He turns around and sees all the wildlife looking at him. Gazing as if they were saying thank you without speaking.

The hydrangea disintegrates.


β€œI’m going to do what I can to help. You guys be safe!!” Mizuku declares before heading off in the direction of the scythe wielding shadow being.


Mizuku reaches the field as sees that the vine that he had used earlier was cut open.


Mizuku is cut off by a wooshing sound over his head. He ducked just in the nick of time.


The shadowy figure is back and looks upset.

Mizuku summons his hydrangea staff and points it at the figure.

The figure lets out the shrillest screech and causes Mizuku to drop his staff.

The figure flies over to him at an mach speed and holds his blade over Mizuku. As he starts to swing downwards towards him, Mizuku holds his paw up and suddenly a massive boulder erupts from the ground and sends it flying high in the air.

Mizuku stands up quickly and holds his paw out over his eyes. He sees the shadow disintegrate into the air.


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