Trigger- Drabbles and Thoughts: Fire

Published Sep 13, 2023, 7:50:15 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 13, 2023, 7:50:15 PM | Total Chapters 4

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Chapter 1: Fire

  1. Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!


 He’d completely lost track of Kyanoko in the chaos. Hell, he’d at various points lost track of a lot of people, some of them cocky and casual about the whole thing (and annoyingly amused when he’d taken a hit of what that Dragon was throwing around.) And some considerably less so. He’d last seen that fluffy green cat girl scrambling for cover with what he was pretty sure was an anthropomorphic Golden Retriever. Golden something. He didn’t particularly have the focus for the specifics of what kind of your-Saturday-toons-are-alive stuff was happening because -this dragon was angry-.

He shook out his hand, squinting over his shoulder at the black twisting lengths of the thing, only to retreat as crystals flew again. He wasn’t even sure at this point if they were coming from the caverns or the dragon.

Much like the specifics of anthropomorphic canines, the source mattered only after they’d stopped ripping holes in things and punching the top off trees. He just hoped it hadn’t successfully killed anyone. Stupid hope probably, it was doing a lot of damage and he’d seen people looking bad.

 <Clear your head. Focus.> Aiming properly when you were up in your feelings was hard. Couldn’t afford that right now. Had to help clear the field so he could go see where he could lend a hand.

He spun back out from cover, pointing a hand at the dragon in a gesture that felt ridiculous still. Like playing pretend guns with friends in the streets back home, though back home he’d never felt fire stir from someplace just behind his soul. <Don’t think about souls, don’t think about if you have one or don’t have one or how messed up it is.>

His head still hurt. His artificial eye still didn’t want to stabilize, but it recognized the signals. Locked grudgingly on target until the rest of the world seemed to narrow to its battered, scaled hide and the point of aim, and the gleaming eyes he could feel turning toward him. This wasn’t going to feel great in a second.

Didn’t matter.

The target mattered.

“Bang Bang, you loose.” He chuckled, sourly, and cast.

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