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Trigger #pd597

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  • Was your character close with their family?:
    • Trigger wasn't close with his family, something that might be clear to anyone with enough trivia to know that most humans aren't assigned the name "Trigger" when born. He has had assorted people he refers to as having been 'found family' over time, but he's allowed many of them to drift over time.
  • What is your character’s occupation?:
    • Up until fairly recently, Trigger as his name implied was a marksman for various organizations that at least tended to bill themselves as being the 'white hat' in the situation. He's not entirely convinced that was always the case though, and is very firm in the conviction that he has hung up his guns in all forms. As of now, he's sort of between jobs, but looking for new opportunities.
  • Is your character rich, poor, or middle class?:
    • Probably lower middle class at present, while most of his needs were previously met by his job, it didn't always leave room to do as much saving as he would have liked and he won't be able to go forever without finding work.
  • How does your character feel about traveling?:
    • Honestly he's looking forward to it, he'd really like to see new places and not just be there for 'the Job'.
  • What are your character’s likes and dislikes?:
    •    Likes: Reading, amateur photography, hiking, Cooking, (most) hard candy
    •    Dislikes: Rabbit as anything but a pet, Black Liqorice, Honey-Lemon anything, Needles, things being waved in his face



 Trigger's right eye is artificial (thus the crosshair imprint on the iris) and used to be related to his perfect aim, but as experimental technology can sometimes do it has deteriorated with time spent in a body and not a lab and he is no longer able to immediately make a perfect shot. He can still see out of that eye but is concerned it may eventually stop working entirely and make him blind on that side and is not yet sure how he'll react if that happens. 


He doesn't have as much of a sweet tooth as it looks like, he used to smoke and still struggles trying to stay off the habit so frequently has a lollipop or hard candy in his mouth and more in his pockets. Some of the flavors are eccentric or odd to change it up and he's always interested in trying something new.  He's tried gum but doesn't like it. 


Height: 5'8

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Dark Gray, light up with a red spark when using elemental power. 

Freindly but defensively sarcastic

I've been drawing his shirt with sort of 'cartoon logic' and changing the writing and baloon to match the situation and it is -a lot- of fun so feel free to do that. 

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