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Chapter 1: Nova Bio

Character Name: Nova

Character Age: 26

Character Species: Rabbitfolk

Hair color: (Fur) Chestnut, Cream Belly

Eye color: Green

Nova is an Almiraj, a rabbit with a single yellow horn protruding from her head. She is based on a Himalayan Rabbit, with black hands, feet, muzzle, ears. and tail. Her face is framed by long, floppy ears, unlike the tall, upright ears adorning most the Rabbitfolk from her village. Nova mainly dresses breathable, form-fitting clothing. Tall and muscular, Nova is well suited for an Adventurer's life.


A Mercenary and Bounter Hunter, Nova never stays in one place long, going wherever there is a contract to fulfill. Raised amongst other Rabbitfolk, Nova stood out from everyone else due to her prominent, single horn. Never made to feel at home among her people, she took to travelling and seeking adventure as soon as she was old enough to properly take care of herself. Unlike the majority of the rabbitfolk, who use their natural advantages to avoid danger, Nova uses her powerful legs to jump directly into the fray- confusing her enemies and dodging their attacks through feats of acrobatics possible only to her people.

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