Aniketos' Biography: Aniketos

Published Apr 4, 2023, 11:35:28 PM UTC | Last updated Apr 4, 2023, 11:35:28 PM | Total Chapters 1

Story Summary

Character Name: Aniketos

Character Age: 26

Character Species: Centaur

Hair color: Black/Bay

Eye color: Black

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Chapter 1: Aniketos

Aniketos is a proud centaur with a rich, reddish-brown bay coat, black stockings on all four legs and short white socks on his front legs. His hair and tail are a deep, silky black, usually free of tangles. A smattering of freckles cover his face and his left cheek is marked with two blue dot tattooes which identify Aniketos as a part of his herd. Atop his head are two equine ears pierced with golden rings, to match the small gold ring in his snout.


Aniketos grew up the youngest of three foals between his parents, bringing the numbers of their small, nomadic, herd up to twenty members. Aniketos' father was a hunter and his mother fished, his oldest sister being a weaver and his brother a warrior. With no strict heirarchy, each member's value in the herd is dependent on what they bring in or produce, be it protection, food, clothing, weapons, or even negotiations with the other herds they pass.


It was a simple life and often Aniketos looks back on them with a deeply fond nostalgia, but the urge to go on adventures in his blood was too strong, and with the blessing of his family and herd, he took off to explore the world outside his forest home. Now he wanders, trading with other travelers and collecting stories to share when he eventually makes it back home.

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