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name: Dante Edwin Riordan


Age: 27


Species: Demon


hair color: white


eye color: silver iris, gold sclera


Height: 6'5


personality: bold, carefree, flirty, charismatic, helpful, social, extroverted, and albeit a little dumb at times


Identity: Bisexual/Polyamorous + Cis he/him


mini bio: Dante grew up in a small demon family consisting of his mother, his older sister Beatrix, and younger brother Lazarus. They ran a general store for local travelers and interdimentional passerbys. They sold anything one could think of and more for adventuring, though they never got many customers. He spent most of his childhood helping out when he could, playing with friends, or off exploring the village and playing a small lute he constructed with the help of his siblings. This is where his love of music blossomed. He grew fond of the lute, and the songs he could sing to entertain others. His mother disapproved, only allowing him to play outside to lure customers. 


Over the years the family expectation to run the shop and continue the business began to weigh on the demon. He was told it was expected, the right thing to do... but he didn't want that. Beatrix who had once aided in his rebellion had fallen into her roll in the shop, while his brother did much of the same tinkering to make new products. He watched them change and fall into tradition, expectation... but he just couldn't do it any more. Once he entered his early twenties he gave into his longing to explore and set off to see what the world had to offer (and get away from his controlling mother). He can be found currently playing tunes in the corners of inns for spare change, dancing in a club, or resting in his yurt set up in the outskirts of Faedin next to his friend Mycelia, the fungal pixie. 


Dialog examples:

"Well good evening Darling~ how are you doing~? Good? Good~" 

"Hey hey heyy~ no need to fight over me~ there's plenty to go around~"

"Hm~? Didn't think I'd see your around here~ how are you doing doll face~?"

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