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Naedithas Ambartanen #pd2519

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Character Name: Naedithas Ambartanen
Name pronunciation: Nai-di-tas  Am-bar-tan-en
Character Age: 90 (physical 35+)
Character Height: 187 cm
Character Species: Half elf (Wood elf)
Hair color: Black (Dark Blue) with Teal tips
Eye color: Orange, Red if in possessed state or raging
Skin color: Tanned
Attitude: Dutiful, anxious, barbaric, simple, friendly, warm, protective
Default expression: Tired or grumpy
Sexuality: Bisexual
Weapon: Great axe, short bow
Abilities: Weapon attacks, rage, lightning/thunder
Class: Barbarian/Tank
Full body referenceREFERENCE LINK
NOTE: For any additional references or data, contact me!
Nine Worlds - Paradox Interactive
Drums of Odin - Paradox Interactive
CHARACTER THEME (Spirit): Valkyrion - Rannsaka

Behavior around people: He's friendly when approached unless you attempt to touch him, then he gets dismissive and anxious but quickly returns to his normal demeanor once his boundaries are respected. He takes a bit to warm up to people.

Dialogue examples: 
- "Are you alright!? That hit looked tough, let me protect you while you're patching yourself up!"
- "Don't touch me! It's... dangerous. I wouldn't want anyone else to get hurt."
- "I saw you fight, your moves are amazing! Would you want to spar for a bit? Maybe I could teach you a thing or two while we're at it!"

Background story (universal):

Naedithas was born in an isolated forest, where druids and elves alik, reside and sought shelter in the calming embrace of nature. His family has always prioritized the barbaric lifestyle and it has been a part of their bloodline for countless of years. This, balanced out by the druids their influence and priority for serenity.

His loving parents taught their son the necessities for life and survival. Hunting, fighting, cooking, and all the general knowledge that nature has to offer, and these would always come with challenges to prove one's manhood. Where the druids provided the barbarians of their home the necessary healing and berries for survival, Naedithas and his parents would go out to hunt wildlife, train, and to keep them around as loyal companions and/or livestock. An ordinary and easy going life for the elves and humans, until he reached the age of 15. The final challenge.

Naedithas was stripped from all his possessions and sent to a location to survive, but what none of his family was aware of is that the place is cursed and haunted by vengeful spirits. A week of survival is all that it would take. The young man set out on a lonely journey.

Once he set foot in the foreign location, a strong sense of dread overwhelmed him, fear was found in his every sensation, and allowed vulnerability to the creatures of the night. The barbarian took all that he could to fight off the threats of the terrain and of supernatural nature, but his fear attracted more of them, and eventually overwhelmed the half elf. He sought for a weapon, and found one near a skeleton, one, possessed with an evil spirit, which entered his body through the sword he found. He lost consciousness, but his body pressed on. Voices sounded in his head, his vision obscured with countless of hallucinations, and his body, he could no longer control it during selective phases.

He passed the test and returned back home while conscious, until it slipped away again and all went black. He woke up, bathing in the blood of his parents and loved ones. The man fled, brought himself far away from his homeland, ever troubled by anxiousness. 

Ever since, Naedithas lived in the shadows, helping the desperate ones that needed passage through dangerous environments while keeping his distance through a cold, and rough exterior.

He and a half elf guard captain, Tyrvalor, met. Naedithas saved him and his traveling companions from a bandit attack. And afterwards, Naedithas nas been requested to join their forces at the nearby city. No more struggling for survival? A comfortable bed? A person to talk to? It took a while for the wood elf to consider the offer, but he eventually accepts and ended up being recruited as Tyrvalor's right hand soldier.


Multiple portals of unknown origin appeared in the city, which Tyrvalor and his right hand soldier entered to ensure the defeat of the core of it, until the exit disappeared. Ever since, they have been accepting their stay in the Paperverse, with no way of returning.

There he seeks out different healers to temporarily help him with his possession, keeping the spirit dormant for a while, so he's got less issues being touched and touching others over time. 


Few facts

- doesn't like being touched due to fear of accidentally harming others, if you do unannounced (in the paperverse it's less severe) 
- is a pretty simple man who doesn't like to overthink a lot and just does what feels right
- once in love, he'd tell you over and over how much you mean to him
- will do everything to protect innocent beings which really means everything, he'd die for you with pride
- holds customs he grew up with very dearly
- fears sleeping, so he often looks tired and done with everything
- the spirit occasionally talks to him

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