hi my name is Mars!
I'm super duper friendly and I like meeting new people :-) Don't be afraid to say hi!

Goal Key:
🔴 - Haven't Started / Not Even Close
🟡- Working on It
🟢 - Completed!

-Partake in a RP (🟡

-Finish three portal fight prompts [1/3] (🟡

Commissions: Open! I do commissions for Trokens and in-game items. Message me through the discord or on here if you're interested. :-)

Trades: Close Buddies

Collaborations: Open

Requests: Closed

Roleplay: Open

Gifts for Me: Art is welcomed, come ask me about character stuff if you want to write! :-)

Completed Goals
- Create a piece of art with two characters in a scene interacting (🟢
- Get Atticus some buddies! (🟢
- Acquire the "Mask of Many Faces" Item (🟢

-Finish three portal prompts [3/3] ( 🟢
-Finish three weekly prompts [3/3] (🟢

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