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Rigmor #pd2465

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Character Full Name: Rigmor 

Character Age: adult, exact years unknown

Character Species: human 

Hair color: unknown (hidden due to requirements of their occupation)

Eye color: unknown (hidden due to requirements of their occupation)

Occupation: witch doctor (healer)

Spiritual companion Name: Brighid

Spiritual companion Species: dromaeosaurid dinosaur

Brief biography:

Rigmor was born and spent most of their life in a remote town, located in a land known for its cold climate. To survive in such harsh conditions, the people of the town learn to cooperate and rely on each other from early age and Rigmor was no exception, the sense of community is important to them.

When Rigmor showed an ability to communicate with the spirits, they began learning the ways of the local witch doctors - healers, who can help people recover from ailments, both physical and spiritual in nature. Becoming a witch doctor requires a long training, which ends in trials, upon completing which a person is visited by a spiritual creature, who becomes their companion for life. The bond between them is spiritual in nature and makes the two share their life force.

When Rigmor completed their witch doctor trials, which led them far away from home, they returned in hopes to reunite with the people they missed so much. But upon arrival Rigmor couldn't find their settlement, as if it vanished into thin air, the frozen wastelands held no tracks of their people's whereabouts. For days they roamed the familiar lands, yet finding no familiar faces.

The only bright moment to follow the disappearance of the town was meeting Brighid, their spiritual companion, who came to Rigmor a day after their return, signifying a successful completion of the witch doctor trials. And within this being the sense of the community Rigmor once had still lives on, reminding them that their journey isn't over and giving them strength to keep on going.



Rigmor's physical appearance is largely concealed by what they are wearing. These clothes are similar to those of the common people of their town: an loose outfit made of animal hides and bird skins, these clothes are designed to be comfortable and practical, to be able to protect the wearer from the nature's elements.

Above the commoner's attire Rigmor wears a hooded poncho made of animal skins with a mask carved out of bone, which fully conceals their face and head. An attribute specific to witch doctors and their apprentices, it signifies the wearer's connection to the spirit world. The poncho features ornaments made of bird feathers and talons, all serving a certain function that only a witch doctor knows.

Rigmor has a few belt bags with various ingredients, which they need for spiritual practices and healing, as well as other items they may need on their journeys. Rigmor carries a wooden staff, which ends in a curved tusk with carvings covering its surface. You can often see Rigmor leaning on their staff while walking.

Rigmor's spiritual companion Brighid has an appearance reminiscent of a large dromaeosaurid dinosaur (similar to utahraptor). Looking into her orange eyes gives one an impression of an intelligent being. Her feathering is thick and highly hydrophobic (resists frost), it's mostly brown and black in color, some lighter areas are present on her head, throat, chest and sides of her body and tail. Brighid is large enough to carry Rigmor on her back. 

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