Samir's Journal: Trash Monster Boss Prompt #1

Published Mar 16, 2024, 8:26:56 PM UTC | Last updated Mar 16, 2024, 8:26:56 PM | Total Chapters 1

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A collection of notes, journals, and so on based on Samir's adventures. 

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Chapter 1: Trash Monster Boss Prompt #1

  1. Fight! The Trash Monster’s sheer size is a danger to the land and people of Wouagi. Draw or write your character fighting the Trash Monster to cut it down to size!


Location: Wouagi via Portal 349


Target: A large beast emerging from the great mires of Wouagi. It is draped in detritus. Dubbed β€œTrash Monster” by others.

  • Debris includes (Through distant and close observations) : Plant material. Extensive algae and moss mats extends across the posterior portion of the creature. Fungal material embedded sporadically across body. Extensive network of plant matter including ferns, flowering plants, and vines cover the being.

  • Odor: Rather pungent and foul. Excess notes of sulfurous scents. Rather fruity. Reminiscent of cadavers. Likely created through some form of natural fermentation and decomposition of plant and dead animal matter.

  • Visual observations: Appears humanoid in form with a raccoon like head.


Origin: To be determined.

  • Hypothesis based on early observations: It is possible it has been festering and growing inside the swamp for some time now. Perhaps it is a species of being which once ruled the swamp long ago. Its incubation period may be much longer than average lifespans therefore its emergence is seen as unusual. It may operate on radically different timescales. Mutant?


Current Operations:


Initial survey of adversary via arboreal surveillance. Completed.

  • Observations: A strange little flower atop its head. Weak point? It is protected by two horn like structures.

Tool test. Completed.

  • Threw a branch at it resulting in being sprayed by odorous jet of muck. Seems quite accurate in aiming.

Weapons test. Ongoing.

  • Recently I have been working on my proclivities with the elements. Although I feel more inclined with fire in this plane I have also been nurturing the Sky element. It is quite likely this adversary is of an earthly element. According to knowledge I’ve picked up it appears earth is more susceptible to sky therefore I will see if I can conjure up a gust of wind. Previously I had used tools to contact different elemental planes. It seems this world allows a more closer contact with the elements. Hopefully the magical planes will align in an advantageous manner.

  • Target will include the flower atop its head. I will perch upon a branch and strike downward. I will report my findings afterwards.

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