Chapt 1: A Starfox's favorite Item: 1

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The origin's of Juno's favorite item, and a bit about her.. 

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Chapter 1: 1

Being from the stars, Juno wasn't given anything upon her creation, but when she traversed through time and space for so many years she was bound to find some cool objects! Her favorite is a star shaped crystal which she turned into a necklace with some small rock/sparkling gems she's found over the years. The necklace itself is a white colored silk string with shimmering crystals on the outer part of the necklace, they'd cling and jingle as she walks. In the middle of the necklace is a space rock shaped like a star which she believes gives her good luck! Although the item isn't magical it hold sentimental values to her due to it being one of the first things she ever found in her many years of traverseing through the endless void. It gets lonely being out there for so long.. 

The reason she loves to carry around such an intresting hand-made trinket was because its one of the only things she still has from her origin. After eventually finding the galaxy she was whisked away too everything was so different.. no shimmring stars, no gem type rocks floating beside her.. a nearly black void, the only thing thats still shimmering is the faint glow of stars that'd appear and twinkle randomly. Relaizing she could never go back this saddend the star fox, she wished to go back home now.. but apart of her knew she never could. Besides what was her home anyway? Just another galaxy in a universe full of billions, and billions of twinkling stars. 

Sometimes the necklace is one of the only things that helps her remember things about her starry origins. Before going down to the planet/world she now resides things were much different in the void of space.. just you, yourself and I. The glimmering of the necklaces helps remind her that beauty is in everything, even the quite and blankess of space. There was an incident where someone had tried to steal her necklace, a theif as she was wandering during the woods in the middle of the night. A man came up behind her and attempted to snack the glittering peic of jewerly right from around her neck, something snapped within her.. she used her water abilities to pull up water from the stream sourrneding the mans legs. Her white eyes turned a bright blue and she let out a low growl, her teeth barring from her maw as she tightend the sloshing streams of water around the guy's legs.

"You dare try and take the ONLY thing I have left of my home..?! I have nothing but this left, nothing.." She would use a paw to hold the necklace in her clasp, the man looked very suprised but she wasn't the kind to hurt.. even if they were a theif. So in an act of mercy she let him go and then vowed to never take off the necklace, as this was all she had left of her home. 

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