A Birthday Gift: A Birthday Gift

Published Feb 21, 2024, 3:12:34 AM UTC | Last updated Feb 21, 2024, 3:12:34 AM | Total Chapters 1

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Introducing Garen's trinket, a birthday gift from his brother that niether of them know is actually something special.

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Chapter 1: A Birthday Gift

Garen smiled when he pulled the old book out of his bag. The leather cover was a faded red, held firmly together by the thin steel bindings along its spine. His brother, Jared Kane, had given it to him as a gift for his birthday shortly after a successful mission with the mercenary group they were employed with for some time. It was a simple thing honestly, despite its nice cover, but it served as a journal and reminder of his family. 
He found a pencil among his things and begin flipping pages. A glimpse here and there reminded him of their lives just after the storm that destroyed their home. A few pages more and flashes of the mercenary guild, both good times and hard, brought a smile to Garen's face. The tone of the journal shifted after that though, it became less of a journal and more like a collection of notes. Garen had spent some time as a guard for the Wizards of the Spiral Tower and they were kind enough to teach him a few things. There were a lot of sketches of circles he still did not quite completely understand and runes he had tried to commit to memory. However, they did teach him a few mantras, mostly nonsense words that for some reason, despite their gibberish, helped him focus in tense moments and helped keep him mindful of the fact that he has always been a very reliable guy who really puts himself out there for others.
Eventually, he found a blank page to fill in and slowly began describing the last few days. Garen never really was the kind to write out journal entries on a daily basis, though he did enjoy the occasional break to just sit and reflect on any series of events that had occured recently. A slight grimace pulled against his gentle smile as a thought came to mind, the last time he had written in the thing, he noticed he was almost to the end of the journal. After years with the thing, it seemed he had finally filled in all of its pages. Within the margins of his notes, Garen wrote down a reminder to get some more paper and have someone bind them into the book, if that was possible. When he finished his last line of notes, he closed the book and put his pencil away. 
Garen stared at the book for a moment then lifted it up and took a close look at it. The thought of rebinding it to add more pages had him curious and he looked carefully at the spine, trying to judge if it would even be able to contain more pages. He realized he was no expert on the subject and honestly had no idea if it could or could not have more added to it, just another question he would have to ask someone with more knowledge than him. He shrugged as he dismissed the thought and slid his journal back into its place in his bag.
Later that night, a curious thing happened, one Garen would never really come to understand, but a strange magic laying latent within the binding of the journal caused it to spontaenously expand ever so slightly as fresh, clean pages filled in the new space behind the last entry the man made.

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