Character Development: Chapter 1: Background Info

Published Feb 19, 2024, 8:41:50 PM UTC | Last updated Feb 19, 2024, 8:41:50 PM | Total Chapters 1

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This is where many character developments will be posted along with short stories to go with them!

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Background Info

Wabbys Talisman is her trusty shapshifting worm, Willy! Ever since Wabby gained her ability to see dead animal spirits, Willy has been Wabbys guide! Willys ability is one of a kind, only 4 other spirit guides have this rare power! He uses his ability to help Wabby on her quests to save trapped spirits. He helps by turning into creatures like bears or dragons to ward off any malicious or evil spirits. In other cases he'll turn into something like a giraffe to help Wabby climb up into a far up tree. He wasnt always seen as a great guide... infact he was the town trouble maker! His ability to sneek around and snatch items whilst still appearing in plain sight was what allowed him to claim his job as a spirit guide in the first place! He can take on the apperance of many different ceatures but his most common look is a small pathetic looking earthworm. But don't be fooled, Willy makes himslef look like this in order to trick his opponents into a false sense of security, then in a blink of an eye in front of you is a giant gorilla. When he is in his earth worm form he is translucent with a purple undertone and light blue glow. You might be thinking, "Earth worms aren't purple? And they sure aren't translucent!" But the standard look for spirits is translucent, blue, and a light blue glow! the only reason Willy is purple is to symbolize he is a spirit guide. In the past years Willy and Wabby have been together, they have become each others best friends and have an incredibly tight bond with one another. The last time they were seperated was when Willy was under control by dark magic. In that short period of time Wabby crafted a necklace, equipped with a charm that had a small worm engraved onto it so she could feel closer to Willy. Magically, when Willy was returned back home safely, the same small worm on Wabbys charm was engraved into Willy as well, Almost as a representation of their friendship! Over the years more and more of these charms and engravings appeared after adventures, like a bunch of trophys. the strange this is that no other adventurer  has gained these strange emblems. They joke that they're the chosen ones but strange occurances often happen while they are out and about and they've stopped joking about it as much. These wild happenings include things like, random weapon like materials crashing from the sky just as they were desperate for help during a tough battle. Another bizzare  event was when many incredibly translucent beings helped push back a massive boulder. They were too translucent to be a spirit but they were still visible. Wabby and Willy were reaserching in the local library for more information on these oditys when Willy stumbled upon a dusty old book. One paragraph read: "2 beings, small and big, one short, one slim. They face the end at the grotto, as seven gods watch in sorrow. 4 gods attempt to help, while 3 watch them yelp. In the end the symbols unite, and the 2 beings win the fight." Now if only they could debunk this cryptic prophecy.

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