Cottage On The Hill: 1: Home

Published Nov 21, 2023, 4:28:44 PM UTC | Last updated Nov 21, 2023, 4:28:44 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Prompt 50. Treada heads home after a long day and checks each room.

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Chapter 1: 1: Home

Treada opened the door of her cottage home and stepped inside. She sighed as she lifted her bag strap over her head and set it onto the coat rack. She raised her arms in a stretch, the sounds of certain parts of her body popping filled the room. Treada came down from the stretch and shook herself out, taking the staff from her hip and setting it on top of the coat rack. 


The Kioxian glanced around, looking for anything out of place and the dove into her bag. Grabbing some of the herbs she had collected, she moved fast into the main living area that held small boxes full of many kinds of herbs. She began to sort the freshly picked ones into the boxes, taking some of the older useless herbs into her hand, thinking for a moment of where to put them. 


Treada glanced around noting the smoldering embers in the cobbled fireplace, and walked over to it. She placed a few new logs into it as well as the old useless herbs, blowing onto it to kickstart the fire again. Once she saw some flames she stepped away from it. The warm brown tones in the room were lit up by the fire, light reflecting off of the displayed white crystal on the coffee table into a rainbow of colors all over the room.


Treada looked to the small green couch to see her Talis laid upon it. A smile lit up her face before she trotted over to give her Talis a gentle pat on the head. 


Treada soon walked into the small kitchen. The lighter beige and green colors in the room were being illuminated by the window over the cobbled sink. Looking at the overhead cupboards, Treada climbed up onto the counter to look through them. Finding a small bag of some crackers, she took a few out and then ate them. She chirped happily before putting the bag back, and hopping off the counter. 


Treada then went to go check on her room, walking in, the plant life in pots greeted her, some of the plants even climbing over the dark cherry red walls of the room, some of it even on the floor but avoiding the black wool rug on the floor as if it were poison. She glanced at her bed, looking over the dark wood frame, the red colored sheets, and white blankets. It looked like a mess, just as she left it!


The Kioxian moved over to her lighter wooden desk, tail swishing as she did. Her journal was still there, and so were her pens, and some pencils. She also noted her quill was still placed in its ink pot as well. She glanced out one of the windows to see the tree at the back of her home. She smiled at it before turning away from the window.


She knew there were no patients to look after in her spare room, but she glanced into the light mint colored room regardless. The four beds lay silent, their light colored wood and white sheets looked the exact same, the many windows in the room lit it up, but not by much. She closed the door and then walked back to the main living area to see her Talis still resting on the couch.


Treada sat down next to her Talis and relaxed into the couch. A long sigh left her body, muscles fully relaxing. Today was a long day, but at last, Treada was home.

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