What they Wanted to Be: Update 2

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Fox reminiscing somewhat

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Chapter 1: Update 2





I had never had one true ambition growing up.


I started off human- or, at least, I always thought I was human, until I got my powers. That was when I realized that I was something more, and it led me down a different path than the one that I had always dreamed I would take.


But, I suppose I had a few wild ideas growing up. Let's see...


I had always loved the night sky. Being able to fly among the stars, walk on the moon, see the planet I called home back then from above and in person -- what child wouldn't dream of it? I at first considered being an astronaut, then I learned more about the job and quickly decided against it. It was far too sciency for what I liked.


I've always loved being creative. Whether it be writing, or poetry, or drawing, I always had a way to create. So, as I got older, I figured that I could maybe make that love of creation pay good. So, I started looking into art schools, and soon found one that would've suited my needs if my influence didn't decide to take hold at that specific time. That changed my outlook on life dramatically.


I also faintly remember a fleeting dream of being a doctor -- again, what child wouldn't have that dream? Most are either a doctor, an astronaut, or a scientist, despite their natural tendencies. I never truly enjoyed science classes, so I haven't the faintest of ideas what I was on when I told my adoptive parents that I wanted to be a doctor and an astronaut.


Gaining my influence... learning what I truly am... Yeah, that changes a person dramatically. Like I said a little bit ago, but I digress. I went from dreams of looking down upon the world to changing it where I walked. It was a shift I didn't expect at first, then it came easier as more and more was introduced to me and taught to me. 


Now, I just want to help people. I try my hardest not to take more than I create, if someone needs something I don’t take much payment if any…


Oh, right. There is one childhood dream of mine that, I suppose, somewhat came true. I’m not that well known for it, but I also write music. I have been for years now, though I’m only just now making it real. Ya know, giving it instrumentals and actually publishing it? 


I’ve always loved singing, and when I started to be taught various instruments, I loved playing them. I still have some calluses, actually, from my playing bass and guitar. I used to be worse at it, but I also enjoy stage performing. Admittedly, I haven’t in a while due to my anxiety, but I’ve always loved the reactions of the audience specifically. I love hearing them cheer after a show well done, and I never got to hear anything but cheering after my shows.


I… suppose that’s all?


Yeah, that’s all.




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