The Wolf Within: Intro

Published Mar 21, 2023, 3:43:11 PM UTC | Last updated Mar 21, 2023, 3:43:11 PM | Total Chapters 1

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A day (or two) in the life of Seff Stark, a wolf facing a new world along with her own demons.

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Chapter 1: Intro



  • Name: Seff Stark
  • Gender: female
  • Species: Anthro wolf (Canis lupus sapiens?)


By turns affectionate and shy, Seff can be quite a handful. She's prone to sudden hugs when excited or, when threatened, to verbal and physical aggression.

An only child, she may unconsciously be looking for someone to play 'sister' to. She tends to be wary, if not outright scared, around small children.


In theory, Seff is straight. She gets along with guys well enough. When she was a teen, she tried to become male to please her old-fashioned father. It didn't end well for either one.


Seff's coat is a steely blue-gray color, with eyes to match. She's sometimes mistaken for a Russian Blue cat, a comparison she is not happy with. On her left forearm is a tattoo of a heart with the name of her hero, O-Six, across it in bold type.

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