Don Dalv Blackhand Bio: Chapter 1 - Biography of Dalv Blackhand

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Don Dalv Blackhand Character Submission Bio - Apologies if I get something wrong here. It's a little confusing for my small brain.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Biography of Dalv Blackhand

Character Name: Dalv Blackhand

Character Age: 121 (Looks mid 20s)

Character Species: Human Sunlight Vampire (Looks Human)

Hair color: Black (#001524)

Eye color: Deep, Dark Red Iris (3f0000) Black Pupils, Whites of eyes

Abilities: Drinking Blood, Summoning Skeletal Beings, 

Strength: 4/10

Agility: 4/10

Speed: 4/10

Tactics: 6/10

Magic: 8/10

Skill: 8/10

Uncomfortable Subject Matter: None at this time. May be updated. 


Dalv Blackhand has earned his nobility through grit, sweat and dedication to all things well mannered. Living in the capital city of Almaterra, Zenith, Dalv could kick back and live a life of luxary. With his musuem of historical artifacts drawing in regular crowds, a resturant he developed into a must-visit place to eat, the vampire has it all.

Or so one would think. It's not enough for him though. He needs to move, he needs to see and learn! Sure, Dalv has almost an eternity of life ahead of him but when a prospect arises, he will be the first to sieze the oppertunity and the moment.

To help with these endevours that sometimes require him to become anonymous from the public eye, he dons (Get it?) the guise of "Colleen", a fiesty individual who's only resemblence to Dalv is her love for the unknown and siezing the moment. When the public need not see Don Dalv taking part in underground races or magical duels, Colleen steals the show in his stead.
Ready and willing to tackle anything, armed with a nerdy knodwladge of historical artifacts from his world and the fiesty Colleen at his back, what could go wrong for this danshing, well mannered Vamp? 

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