Unraveling Normality: A Past Longing

Published Jan 17, 2023, 12:45:03 PM UTC | Last updated May 18, 2023, 12:29:40 PM | Total Chapters 2

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A collection of Teuvo's colorless experiences.

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Chapter 1: A Past Longing

My memory.. 

It must be getting worse, the longer I spend here.

Everything is less clear now.. my mind in a growing fog.

It’s almost as hard to think as it is to keep my eyes open.

Maybe I’m just tired of roaming alone. 


I can’t help but wonder about those I lost.

Left behind in that broken place.

I didn’t mean to break it.

I didn’t want to leave you behind.

Are they hungry?
Are they cold?

Are they safe..?

I’d take all the pain they could ever feel if it means they’ll be alright.

I’ve been searching for food - or anything, really - but I don’t feel like I need it.

I don’t feel like I need.. anything. anymore.

It gets cold every now and then.. but I've got no protection against it.

If only I had you to hold in my arms.. but I fear your warmth would be snuffed out.

Every scratch and bruise that appears on my skin is quickly washed away.

It’s something I can’t explain.

I came upon a creature, lying still and cold to the touch. 

It was too large to be a bird, but surely that’s what it was.

Covered in feathers, with two wings. Two scaly legs.

There were no wounds. There was no blood.

Just red petals, pierced by and stuck on its claws.

I’ve kept some, and a feather to give you.

If I ever see you again.

I wonder..

Would they remember me?

Have they already forgotten me?

It breaks my heart to think about.

I don’t believe I’ll remember them much longer.

If I forget this place..

If I forget you…

..hopefully this flower stays put, and will jog my memories when I return.

..give me this flower so I may remember you again.


It’s so hard to see..

..so hard to think when I’m crying.

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