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Kelp Syngonium #pd3830

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Character Full Name: Kelp Syngonium

Character Age: 67

Character Species: Siren (Shimmerfish - Personal species)

Hair color: Deep, blue-teal. Subject to change

Eye color: Orange/Pink, Subject to change


Brief biography:  Kelp is a siren in disguise, trying very hard simply to get by with little interference. She's incredibly quiet, shy, skittish, and will absolutely avoid humanly contact for as long as possible, despite craving it. Her insecurities run deeper than the trenches she came from. She's turned to magic, recluse, and trickery with the use of her voice. Despite her best efforts to remain lowkey and not stir the pot any, Kelp is hedonistic deep down, and will frequently give in to her impulses after enough time pondering them. She is 5'6" when in her landwalker form, much taller/longer when in her firsthand mermaid body. 

Although not previously involved, once Kelp had found her way to land, she began to meddle with magics, ethical and unethical alike. To her there was no true difference, and much like her core philosophy, she will take what she can get and make adequate use of it. She's no expert in any but proficient in most, and will use all available tools in order to survive, and eventually, get what she wants. If she could ever figure that out, anyways. She's prone to assisting any and all who seem to have fallen from grace, regardless of their stature, morals, or what they've done. She expects nothing in return and will usually evade contact with them when possible. Attachments are dangerous on the run. It's because of this that often times, it's very hard to keep any interaction with Kelp below surface levels. Rooted in her, because of this, is a terrible loneliness. She would do anything for a loyal partner in her travels, yet trusts nobody to accompany her. It's a long road to happiness. 

She is conditionally immortal. She will not die from old age or illness, but by means of intention. It is because of this that her view on human lives tend to be skewed, and she will generally avoid contact with them when she can help it. She does not view them as lower, but sees attachment to them as a greater liability than what would have been otherwise. 

Her voice is her main weapon, grace, and asset. She is able to invoke powerful feelings and drives into people with it, which is why, most of the time, she remains silent. If panicked, she may send those around her into a frenzy. If pleased, she may relax those around her into a lazy slumber, and so on. She tends to avoid hand to hand combat, but, if it comes to that, she isn't afraid to get scrappy. 


Description: Kelp's body type is endomorphic, with broad, masculine shoulders, a pudgy belly, and muscled limbs. Her skin colors tend to range anywhere between a green-blue to a trueblue, but even that may change on occasion. Her hair falls all the way down to her ankles, and typically remains unbrushed and clumped together- Usually always wet. She has gills that rest above her breast, three on each side which are able to completely close and open at will. Her teeth are bone colored and sharklike. She has claws the color of her hair. Untrimmed they become talons. She has a large tail in her landwalker form that, while smaller than her mermaid form, is still very strong and capable of smashing through wooden structures with enough effort. She has large ear fins that mimic her tail's fin, taking on the appearance of butterfly wings at the sides of her head. They are dark, and similarly colored to her hair. She wears a water lily leaf and flower on her head, magically conjoined and bound to her. Removing it is a delicate process that if interrupted or flawed, will leave a scar on her skin. She tends to wear relatively average clothing and armors, or whatever she can get her hands on. She is not above thievery, and will do her best to blend in wherever she goes. The color of her flower will change depending on her emotional state, and will open and close according to her feelings. 

  • 70
    Ability Points
  • 3
  • Crafty Talisman Ability


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