Biggest Friend In The World

Posted Mar 29, 2024, 3:47:02 PM UTC

4 - Befriend. The creature doesn’t appear to be malicious… just big. Maybe it can be reasoned with? Draw or write your character attempting to befriend the Trash Monster.

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Xander PaperDemon Art RPG 🧑🏽 #pd3749
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  • Delicious Garbage
  • This Paper Has Been Absolutely Drenched In Colorful Water
  • No Gingerbread House Construction Here
  • Gone With The Wheat
  • This Thing Still Doesn’t Have A Nose Even As Something Human-Adjacent
  • The Birds Are Obtaining Forbidden Knowledge… That’s The Best Kind!
  • Behold, An Emotional Support Robot!
  • This Bird Do Be Smiling, You Can Trust A Face Like This! Go on. Trust him.
  • I Have Smallified Your Lindwyrm!


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