(This is me. I Am Bird.)

🐾 VennThey/ThemAutistic 🐾

Oh No I'm really Bad At Profiles Uuhhhhhhhhh hhhhh uhhh

Hi I'm just a silly little furry who greatly enjoys things with feathers and beaks and wings. I'm open to drawing just about anything though, even if I have trouble with it I'll try my very best!! (I guess that's why I'm here, huh?)

I know my art doesn't really show it with how bright and colorful it is, but I actually really enjoy horror and tragedy. Most of my characters lean into that pretty heavily with their lore and worlds. And Oh Boy Do I Have Lore For Days... Weeks... Months.......... Years................. This May Perhaps Be A Problem :)

I do not accept comissions

Yes! I love trades and I'm willing to do them if I have time


I do not accept requests


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Art and literature okay. Please let me know if it happens!

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I do not trade or sell my characters

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