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Posted Jan 12, 2024, 7:07:45 AM UTC

Zhrax's shapeshifting ability is akin to a slider, labeled with percentages instead of set stages since he is not bound by any corporeal form. However, these are the ones that are most recognizable from their distinct characteristics. Some forms can differentiate small details like material, face shape, and size. The biggest any form can get is 50ft, and the shortest is 6ft. Any form over 10% will make the ichor inside of his body heat up to 600 °C (1,112 °F).


Label: "Comprehensible

Power output: 1%

Zhrax's "normal" or, comprehensible form is used around mortals so they aren't harmed mentally or physically. His anatomy is clearly offputting, as his back is much more curved and wide compared to his slim hips and long digits that hold him upright. The man's eyes are clearly too large for his skull, a mouth clearly gone but it's still able to speak intelligibly. When needed Zhrax may grow a mouth of varying size when it was once absent, Either on the face and or tail. The eye tattoos decorating his deathly pale skin flutter open. Funnily enough, these many eyes may blink and saturate themselves with moisture compared to Zhrax's largest pair of eyes on his face which don't blink at all unless the movement is necessary for conveying emotion.


Label: "True pain

Power output: 40%

Looking at this form, or let alone hearing or smelling it, only reminds the victim of true pain...The wails and choked sobs that erupt from the trapped souls within his body mix with the distorted laughter and growling coming from deep inside the beast's many throats and lungs. You can't tell what emotion it's feeling but the best way to comprehend it is by attaching the only emotion you've ever felt to it. The way its movements writhe slowly and its muscles twitch and ache with flowing ichor just barely underneath its thick yet thin skin, it only looks like the very pinnacle of pain must feel. A horrid sharp numbness, that won't go away masked by too many contradictory sounds.  Its tar-like skin is sticky and goopy, able to shrink wrap itself around all the muscles as needed but it still falls apart off the body in clumps or droplets. Sometimes, sleuthing off the body in abundance then transforming into new shapes if Zhrax so chooses.

Label: “The Demiurge devourer
Power output: 80%
A creature described as far too grim and ugly to detail its physical characteristics within historical writing, this hound form is most used during Zhrax’s hunting through time and space. Devouring demigods and overzealous time hoppers with its burning maze of stomach chambers that churns with bubbling blue pus. Unlike “True pain”, the devourer is horrifyingly fast on its feet. Like that of a pack of wolves chasing down a rabbit, its stamina and the strength of their legs propel the beast forward for hours on end. It is said that no one survives this eldritch hound’s attack, but those who do are left in permanent cognitive paralysis. All travelers are advised to be careful and to respect the laws surrounding the traversal of time and space, or else their negligent actions could have some serious and permanent consequences delivered by the devourer itself.

Label: “Death’s image
Power output: 100%
…It was weirdly comforting even if your body was consumed by an emotion you’ve never felt before. How long has it been since you’ve felt this sensation? Regardless if you find an answer to that question, you’ll never feel it again. 


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    This is so cool omg
    I love all the designs here! The last one is so awesome!!
  • Jan 12, 2024, 6:54:16 PM UTC
    He looks amazing in every form!
  • Jan 12, 2024, 9:23:35 AM UTC
    Gosh that's so damn cool. I loveeee him so muchhh



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