A little about me:

Hi! I'm Heyyyyyyy. I know my name is hella weird but yeah. You can call me H because of my username being goofy ahh.

I like to draw creepy/horror related themes so you'll see things like that from me. My artwork is alright, it isn't the best right now but I'm still learning.  So, don't expect full on masterpieces or anything. But feel free to critique my art so I can make it better!

I don't use social media, (only thing I use is youtube) but I may join the discord in the future. Also, I may take commissions eventually, idk at the moment. My pronouns are she/her btw.

Wanna find me somewhere else? Here, check out my Unvale: https://unvale.io/heyyyyyyy 

I also have a youtube account so feel free to check that out too!

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/@heyyyyyyy758


I realized I forgot this info so here ya go

↓            ↓            ↓            ↓            ↓

Commissions: Not yet, maybe in the future :)

Trades: Sure!

Collabs: Why not?

Requests: I'm cool with it!

Roleplay: Definitely!

Gifts: Ofc :D

Characters for sale or trade: Closed, I only have like one character rn lol



Current characters approved: Emma Ryder, Madelyn Reese, Oliver Ryder (still working on his lore), and Billie Marcello (currently working on her design, won't use her until finished

Other characters are on the way)



If you ever plan on drawing my OCs, I'm fine with it tbh just credit me and it's cool (idk why you'd ever draw my OCs but yeah)


That's all! Byeee!!!!!


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