Extensive research

Posted Aug 27, 2023, 10:12:37 PM UTC

CHARACTER: Illmenor Stillvale

With Illmenor's specialty to read about any language upon merely touching the service, the man has made an even bigger hobby out of reading and studying. Diving deeply into the words that are adjusted exactly to his liking, he attracts it with ease. Regardless of this skill, it wasn't a given that each book could simply provide the exact things he needed for his change. After sorting and piling countless of books, he realized that the books he had with him weren't going to cut it. A visit at the guild's library was just the method. Skillfully, he sneaked into the building while no one was around and used the opportunity to find just the right ones among his lucky selection.

Now, reading the words he's been needing to read for full understanding, the theory seemed much easier than he expected. Almost disappointed  with the lacking challenge in the test, he exhales. "Is that it? How lame ..."

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