The last letters before goodbye

Posted Apr 25, 2024, 8:02:30 PM UTC

CHARACTER: Viiris Donlo, Istornim Baenrat'tar
PROMPT: [#5] Family Matters. You’ve probably had your own problems with family flaking on you for whatever reason. Draw or write your character in a time where their family went back on their word… or when they went back on their word to a family member! No one’s perfect, after all. Boss Battle

The last letter of his mother before she and his father left without a word. This, while she promised to stay in contact through writing, however, with Viiris' terrible reputation, the merchant family who share the same last name cannot sell any wares at the local markets. In order to survive, they had little chance but to leave. Viiris never learned of this, until the letters stopped being delivered, and he found his old home and store empty. He already thought that the final letter sounded off, it sounded like a farewell.


". . .  Remember, Viiris, you'll always be my son, and you will always be loved. It matters not how distance may separate us.


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  • Apr 29, 2024, 9:20:21 PM UTC
    The emotions in this are so good, you can really feel Viiris' pain and Istornim's want to help. Makes my heartache to look at it, which means you did an amazing job.
  • Apr 26, 2024, 4:30:34 PM UTC
    This turned out so impactful again, I feel really sorry for Viiris here. You portrayed both of them so well, Istornim looks like he's really with his partner in both body and mind.
    • Apr 27, 2024, 2:48:39 PM UTC
      He has these breakdowns every once in a while when guilt piles up, and reaches for these letters to remind himself of the time where things seemed fine. Each time he realizes that she takes more distance per letter. It is not easy to let go off, but luckily Istornim is around, yes!

      Thanks a lot~! I tried~ 🤍