Session 03: Escape

Posted Aug 17, 2023, 5:28:07 PM UTC

CHARACTERS: Ellamin "Ailoton" Liadon, Yshvara-El*, Shevat*, Naedithas Ambartanen*, Tibirin*
*CREDIT: These characters all belong to different players.
SOURCE: Curse of Strahd campaign (D&D)


After beating the most questionable enemy and solving one of the many mysteries inside the mansion, the group notices the ground shaking, the walls and ceiling started to tear. It was as if the building tried to swallow them in. 

As quick as the high elf as the group could, he ran up the stairs to escape the basement, quickly followed by the rest. It was difficult to avoid the pieces that fell down from the environment and even Shevat, the druid, got hurt along the way and fell unconscious during their escape until the bard quickly gathered him and helped him survive. Naedithas who had the same purpose in mind felt irritated with the woman who took him before he could, but this was no place for an argument, so they quickly made their way out by jumping through the door once it was open. 

They managed to escape and could only watch the rest of the building, behind them, fall to pieces. 

That could have been them . . . Damaged and exhausted, Ailoton and Naedithas decide to put their rivalry on hold to provide the others with a comfortable campfire to rest up. But not without a delay, as the noble, disguised as an adventurer, has no clue how to survive in the wilderness. Naedithas was rather displeased, but helped him find the suitable materials and returned to the group to set up camp.

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