Volai Encounter

Posted Jul 6, 2023, 8:03:05 PM UTC

An exciting moment for Pinnley, Tib, and Finley as a Volai walks right up to their campsite!


Prompt #3 - Volai

The Volai of Lyra are intelligent creatures, infused with Celestial magic, and are entirely undomesticated. They thrive in herd environments and do poorly if taken off planet. Despite being wild, they are friendly towards visitors on the planet and will often approach for affection. Since they will eat nearly anything offered to them, the guild has dedicated a significant amount of PR to inform people not to feed them– or at least to only feed them locally grown vegetation. 


The Volai have slender delicate bodies similar to deer, but their translucent bodies make them harder to spot. Atop their heads are clusters of triangular translucent horns that resemble crystal prisms. Their horns refract light, casting mesmerizing patterns and spectrums. When they walk on their three toed feet, they leave behind a trail of glowing footprints that slowly fade. Volai have long leonine tails with a tuft of bioluminescent fur at the end. They range in size from as small and sure footed as a goat to as tall as elephants. Show your character encountering a Volai. Your piece must include your character and a Volai.

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  • Jul 7, 2023, 1:53:26 PM UTC
    I love how you drew the Volai in particular, what an incredible sight!!!!